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Remedial Fuel Services

The remedial services you need if your fuel system lets you down

The services you need when your fuels fall short

Liquid fuels are susceptible to degradation over time, becoming contaminated with particulate and microbial content that is harmful to the rest of your fuel system.

This can have severe consequences for your business, from blocked filters to complete (and expensive) equipment failure.

At Nationwide Fuels, our specialist fuel remediation services can help put your business back on track with its fuel supply.

Fuel Polishing

If fuel testing identifies contamination within your fuel, then fuel polishing is one of the most economic solutions available. The process is entirely non-disruptive and is performed at your place of business, allowing you to continue to use your fuel as it’s cleaned.

During polishing, our state-of the-art equipment pumps your fuel through a series of increasingly fine filters which are designed to remove contaminants, particulate and microbial content. This includes:

–   Water & sludge
–   Bacteria
–   Fungi
–   Debris & particulate matter
–   Rust & microplastics

This will restore your fuel back to its optimal quality, removing the waste, cost and inconvenience of having your supply replaced.

Where fuel polishing isn’t an option, for example if your fuel is too badly contaminated, we can uplift your fuel instead; this involves removing your waste fuel, cleaning your tank and then supplying a clean batch of fuel. In some instances, we can also offer you payment for your contaminated fuel.  

Call us on 0333 004 0385 to find out how fuel polishing can prevent further fuel issues in your business.

Industrial Tank Cleaning

Fuel spills and leaks can contaminate groundwater, destroy local habitats and wreak untold destruction on the environment. As a fuel user, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your fuel storage is maintained to minimise the risks of tank failure through corrosion and damage.

Industrial tank cleaning includes non-destructive testing (NDT) of your tank’s skin and inner surfaces to ensure that they are still safe to use. The tank is then cleaned (including by man-entry where required) to remove all traces of corrosion, bacteria, particulate contamination and sludge.

Call our team today on 0333 004 0385 to take the first step toward protecting your liquid assets.

Fuel Uplift & Waste Oil Collection

Managing your fuel supply is far from a simple process; from ensuring you have the fuel reserves you need to ensuring your storage solutions are both safe and legal, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Nationwide Fuels is here to help, providing the services you need to ensure the smooth running of your fuel infrastructure. We can uplift any unwanted or surplus fuel, and either supply you with fresh fuel or our tank cleaning service to minimise disruption to your business.

We can even buy back your unwanted or contaminated fuel in most cases, which we can then process back to optimal quality at our depots and recycle it back into the fuel supply chain. This both reduces the financial loss of your fuel and prevents surplus or lightly degraded fuel from being wasted.

Visit our fuel uplift page to find out more, or call our team on 0333 004 0385 to book your uplift today.

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