Red Diesel Price Per Litre 2018

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The price of red diesel is changing all the time, so it is always best to check the red diesel price regularly with your fuel supplier. Call us now on 0845 0303 111 for the latest price.

Depending on the industry you operate in, you could be eligible to use red diesel.

Gas oil is another name for red diesel and can be used in vehicles for commercial purposes. Red diesel is mainly used by those in the farming, engineering, and manufacturing industries. However, it is also used to power backup generators and sometimes as a heating fuel. Normal diesel is more expensive than red diesel as it is subject to tax.

Red diesel only has a small amount of tax applied to it. Roads are built and maintained by the tax that the government charges on regular diesel. However, as vehicles running on red diesel don’t use public roads, they don’t have to pay the tax.

If you want to save money, we suggest you check whether your vehicle is permitted to use red diesel. HMRC provide detailed information regarding which vehicles are eligible to use red diesel. The red diesel price may be different from each supplier. Therefore it is a good idea to shop around to find the best price. However, it is also important to note that the lower the price, the longer you will have to wait for delivery.

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Price Per Litre Of Red Diesel 2018

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If you are using the wrong fuel you could be paying more for fuel than you need to and consequently losing money for your business.

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