Driving Down Carbon Nationwide

In an ideal world, our emissions would be harmless but the reality is that burning fossil fuels through vehicles and machinery releases harmful emissions which affect our planet.

Nationwide Fuels is committed to responsible delivery of our fuels and we use carbon offsetting to reduce the damage caused.


What Is Green Fuel Delivery?

Here at Nationwide Fuels, we have been offsetting the carbon from our fuel deliveries since 2009. We make sure that our fleet of lorries, tankers and baby tankers are regularly maintained to achieve the highest green performance with the lowest emissions possible.

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This doesn’t just mean that we’re being green but, when you buy your fuels and lubricants from us, rather than a fuel supplier who doesn’t offset their fuel, you’ll be doing your bit too!

How Does It Work?

We purchase carbon credits which are offset against our fuel. By planting trees which absorb carbon dioxide and cutting out CO2 emissions, through projects across the world, we continually aim to deliver fuel in the most eco-friendly way we can.

Please note Even though Nationwide Fuels purchase carbon credits to offset our CO2 emissions, we do not pass this cost onto you. This is a company mission and a cost to us only.

If you would like to know more about our deliveries or going green, please get in touch!