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Ways To Cut Your Fuel Costs And Save Money

Cut Fuel Costs and Save Money

With spiralling pump costs and an unclear economy, numerous SMEs are looking at ways to cut fuel costs for their fleet. Although there is little that can be done to stop the increasing prices at the pump, companies can look at ways to cut fuel costs to make sure they run their fleet as competently as conceivable.


It’s difficult to implement your ways to cut fuel costs unless you first know exactly just how much oil you are using. Most oil card suppliers offer recording that displays how much oil is being consumed, at what rate and by whom. Through checking consumption, companies can simply detect and address any inefficiencies. E.g., a heavy-footed motorist can be recognised and then provided with training to advance their driving style.

Invest In Driver Training

Motorist training ought to be a tool used for fleets irrespective of size or the existence of evident heavy-footed motorists. Research has revealed drivers competent in driving effectiveness techniques can save up to 20p a litre. On top of this, competent drivers have lower carbon dioxide releases and an enhanced safety record. Though fuel-saving initiatives is a priority, if workers are possible to be driving as part of their employment, ensuring safety must also be of top importance.


Improved driving can save £300 to £400 for each driver each annum. Numerous drivers are aware of the need to save fuel and providing motivations for best practice is a great method to incentive this performance. Consider introducing league tables with a reward for individuals who drive most competently each month.


It’s vital to remember areas of incompetence are not essentially caused by poor driving or fleet negligence. Ensure the automobile is carefully checked for any problems that might be producing excess oil consumption.

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