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6 Tips To Reduce Your Tractor Fuel Consumption

6 Tips to Reduce Your Tractor Fuel Consumption

If you’re a farmer you’ll be aware of how much tractor fuel costs. With fuel prices rising steadily, farmers need to make savings wherever possible. Here are a few measures you can take to reduce your tractor fuel consumption.

Tyres – save up to 15% on fuel

Tyre pressure needs to be set according to the axle load and the driving speed. Use a low tyre pressure in the field and a high tyre pressure on the road as this reduces the tractive power demand as well as the track depth and soil compaction, while using a high tyre pressure on the road reduces the rolling resistance. Tyre inflation systems for tractors and trailer help to adapt the pressure as circumstances demand.

An underinflated tyre can cause the sidewall to become more prone to cracking and an overflated tyre tends to ride on the centre which can wear out the treat, so regular inspections are vital.

Adaptive driving– save up to 20% on fuel

A large constant power facilitates fuel-saving driving. Fuel consumption is on the lowest level at the speed of ca. 1.300 – 1.700 rpm. The higher the engine speed, the more diesel is used up.

“Gear up and throttle back” is a well-reputable fuel saving technique used when the load pulled requires less than 70% of the tractor’s power. By shifting to a higher gear and slowing the engine speed to maintain the desired speed, farmers can save fuel.

Tractor maintenance – save up to 10% on fuel

Maintenance is an important requirement for optimal transformation of fuel energy into mobile energy. With poor maintenance there may not be enough air in the fuel-air-mixture (recognisable by smoke and loss of power). By optimally lubricating the motor and the gear, friction losses can be reduced.

Fuel injectors must also be regularly serviced because if dirty, they can lead to inefficient combustion and power loss. This can be identified by black smoke coming from the exhaust.

Crop growing – save up to 25% on fuel

Improving soil structure reduces the demand for traction during crop growing. A complicated soil requires more engine power and fuel. Choose the optimal point of time (water content) for working to reduce soil compaction, minimise the number of treatments required.

Use quality fuels and lubricants

Quality fuels and oils can help improve performance and fuel efficiency while prolonging engine life. Nationwide Fuels supplies engine oils, gear lubricants, hydraulic fluids and greases to farms all over the UK, specifically formulated for use in tractors and agricultural equipment. We also distribute red diesel, HVO fuel, heating oil and many other products 365 days a year.

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