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Red Diesel Fuel Regulations – Delving A Bit Deeper

Red Diesel Fuel Regulations

We’re often asked questions here at Nationwide Fuels about what red diesel fuel can and can’t be used for. While some of the rules are black and white, there are a few grey areas when it comes to the broader issues of red diesel fuel regulations. This blog post will look into a few of those.

Q. According To Red Diesel Fuel Regulations Can I Gather Manure From A Merchant Using A Tractor Running On Red Diesel Fuel?

A. Yes, as long as it’s your tractor and the manure is going to be used on your farm as part of a farming job.

Q. Can I Tow Hay And Grass To Horse Owners Using Red Diesel Fuel?

A. White diesel has to be used if the person transporting it was not involved in cropping and harvesting it. However, red diesel can be used to transport it if the person delivering it was involved in cropping it.

If you’re travelling more than 15 miles from your farm to deliver the hay, you will need an operator’s licence. It doesn’t matter what the hay will be used for.

Q. Does shrubbery cutting for agrarian, engine, home and local authority clients qualify for red diesel usage?

A. White diesel has to be used if you are simply transporting the clippings away and haven’t actually partaken in the hedge cutting yourself. Red diesel can never be used for any activity that is simply related to transport.

Red diesel fuel regulations are changing all the time. Make sure you come back to visit our blog soon as we are sure to post more posts about red diesel fuel regulations.

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Information correct at time of writing (July 2014)

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