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Case Study: FedEx Fleet Blasts Past Fuel Efficiency Target

Case Study: FedEx Fleet Blasts Past Fuel Efficiency Target

Years ahead of schedule, the world’s largest transport company have achieved their fuel efficiency target. The FedEx fleet accomplished their goal by introducing a number of new electronic and hybrid vehicles into their fleet.

By 2020, FedEx wanted to increase their fuel efficiency by 20% over their 2005 performance. They began working on this in 2008 and in 2013, 7 years ahead of schedule, they achieved it.

Now FedEx has increased their targets. They hope to double their fuel efficiency over their 2005 performance by adding an extra 30% to the original 2020 target.

The vice-chair of Ecological Affairs and Sustainability at FedEx; Mitch Jackson said that the result was a milestone for the transportation industry and not just for FedEx.

He went on to say that it will help FedEx’s customer service by knowing that they are helping to decrease carbon emissions in the areas they serve. The commitment from FedEx employees and advances in technology has helped the company reach its target.

Over 15 million miles have been travelled since FedEx introduced their electronic and hybrid vehicles. They added 560 vehicles to their fleet in 2013 alone.

Making changes to vehicle driving performance, using knowledgeable manufacturers and using advanced technology has helped FedEx meet their goal.

Not only has this been great for FedEx’s fuel efficiency, but it has also helped the environment and saved the company money. One of the measures FedEx took to reach their target was to match the correct vehicle to every route.

By taking these new measures, FedEx is expecting to save over 20 million litres of fuel in 2013 alone.

Vice president of Global Vehicles at FedEx said that the company employs a three-tier policy when it comes to fuel efficiency: Revolutionise, Replace and Reduce.

For other companies who are looking to reduce their carbon emissions but don’t have the money to invest in new machinery, we can offer green diesel alternatives such as HVO fuel.

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