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Budget 2021: The Facts for Red Diesel Users

What changed in Budget 2021 for red diesel users? Budget 2020 outlined the government’s plans for the future of red diesel entitlement for UK homes and businesses. The plans, whilst…
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Is the Government Banning Red Diesel in 2022?

Why is the Government banning red diesel and what will this mean for businesses who rely on it? The government’s changes to red diesel eligibility came into force on the…

5 Easy Steps To Avoid Fuel Contamination

5 Easy Steps to Avoid Fuel Contamination Fuel contamination is easy to prevent, but can be costly to rectify. Fuel inside your tank is protected from the changing conditions outside,…
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Wales Issue New Oil Storage Regulations

Designed to promote safety and to prevent pollution, the new oil storage regulations should minimise leaks, spills and environmental contamination in Wales. What are the new regulations? The Control of…

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