New Commitments for 2019 – Fuel Contract Retention Service

It’s a new year, which means many of us are committed to trying new things like reading more and exercising more, or to curbing those bad habits such as indulging in chocolate and binging on the booze.

But is a New Year’s Resolution actually a good intention or just a failed attempt by commitment-phobes?

According to Statistic Brain, 27% of us scrap them by the first week of January, with 31% of people giving up after two weeks, and just over half of us reaching the one month post. January is already a gloomy month with the oppressive grey skies and warmer months half a year away, so it’s not surprising that those tasty treats are almost impossible to resist.

The key to leaving those good intentions behind and achieving a stated goal is through your mindset. You must distinguish between “trying something” and actually “doing something”. Spending too much time thinking about it and thus making unenthusiastic attempts doesn’t get you anywhere.

“Resolutions fail because they’re different from real commitments that are rooted in deeply held values, interests, and beliefs,” says Jeff Zwiefel, COO Life Time. “Commitment is the real driver and motivator behind lasting change.”

Even though most people fail at seeing out a resolution, that doesn’t mean you’ll fall into the same bracket. By visualising a long-term goal that’s realistic to achieve, you’re more likely to avoid those failed attempts and accomplish something.

We’re committed to you

Here at Nationwide Fuels, we don’t indulge in New Year goals that are tough to stick to. We’ve put an opt-in service in place to help our customers take control of their fuel management. We’re committed to helping businesses year in, year out – and we’ve been doing so for over 60 years.

If your business depends on a constant supply of fuel, our Contract Retention service is invaluable. In the event of an emergency, we remain committed to your business and guarantee a fuel delivery to any agreed location, no matter what the day, no matter what the hour.

For many businesses, running out of fuel is simply not an option. Coming on board to our Contract Retention service will safeguard your business’ operations to save you from disastrous consequences. That way, you won’t need to incorporate your business into any resolutions of ensuring your fuel is managed and maintained. That will be done for you by your very own Account Manager who will manage your fuel usage from the outset. That way, they’ll be fully familiar with your business and its needs.

Call a dedicated member of our Contract Retention Team now on 0845 0303 111 to set up a national pricing and supply account. They’ll take into consideration all of your requirements and offer you the best package based on the information provided.