Gas OilWhat Is Gas Oil?

Gas Oil (also referred to as 35 Second Oil and Red Diesel) is a fuel oil used in off-road machinery such as agricultural vehicles and JCB engines.

What Is Gas Oil Used For?

Gas oil is often used by commercial, industrial, and agricultural businesses. It can be used to power machinery such as construction equipment along with tractors and other off-road vehicles.

Which Vehicles Can Run On Gas Oil?

Any vehicle that has a diesel engine can run on gas oil. Having said that, it is important that you make sure you are using the fuel in a legal manner.

What Are the Tax Benefits of Using Gas Oil?

Compared to white diesel, gas oil has a considerably lower tax attached to it. If you need to receive a tax rebate for using gas oil, you will need to fill in an HO27 form and send it to HMRC.

Does This Mean That Gas Oil Can Be Exempt from Tax?

No, you always have to pay tax on gas oil. It’s just lower than the tax on white diesel.

When Is It Illegal to Use Gas Oil?

It is illegal to use gas oil on public roads. There is, however, an exception to the rule if you are a farmer and you need to use a public road to gain access to another piece of land. In order to access the other piece of land, you are not allowed to travel further than 1.5km. Farmers are also allowed to use gas oil when they are gritting roads. For more information, visit HMRC to make sure you use gas oil legally.

What Happens If I Use Gas Oil Illegally?

If HMRC finds out that you have been using gas oil illegally, they will impose a fine. In most cases, you will be forced to pay a fee for the following:

  • Returning your vehicle’s system to its previous state.
  • Cleaning of the tank so all trace of the red dye is cleared away.
  • The safe removal of the gas oil from your engine.
  • Occasionally, they will charge you the price difference between gas oil and regular white diesel (derv).

I’m A Farmer and I Have a Car That Doesn’t Go On Public Roads. Can I Use Gas Oil?

If you have a car that you use purely for driving around your land and not on the roads, then it is okay for you to use gas oil. Just make sure that the tank contains white diesel if you ever have to use the car on a public road.

What Can I Do If I Put Gas Oil in My Car by Accident?

You should contact HMRC and explain the situation to them.

What Should I Do with Fuel I No Longer Need?

If you are currently storing gas oil that is surplus to requirements, then it is important to get a professional fuel uplift and transfer service. If gas oil is left untouched for a long time it can become contaminated, which can lead to an environmental health issue.

Does Gas Oil Have Any Other Names?

Gas oil is often known by several other names, including:

  • Red Diesel
  • Cherry Diesel/cherry juice
  • Agricultural Diesel
  • Tractor Diesel
  • Marine Diesel
  • Generator Diesel

Does This Mean That Red Diesel Is Actually Red?

Yes, it does! It is injected with red dye, so then it is easy to distinguish against white diesel.

What Will Happen To The Price Of Gas Oil In 2018?

Over recent years, the price of gas oil has fluctuated a lot. This makes it very difficult to predict what will happen to its price in 2018.

While the price of gas oil did drop on a few occasions in 2017, it did start to increase again towards the end of the year. Early indications suggest that the price will start to stabilise as the year goes on, but this is not a certainty.

Where Can I Buy Gas Oil?

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Gas Oil Specification Sheets

If you would like to know more about gas oil, take a look at our specification sheets below.

Class A2 Spec Sheet
Class D Spec Sheet
EN590 Spec Sheet