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Range of Fuels Delivered Across the UK 24/7

At Nationwide Fuels, we understand the importance of a reliable fuel supplier. The majority of our customers require fuels such as red diesel, diesel (derv), heating oil, kerosene and biodiesel delivered to their site urgently, and in some cases, on the same day or next day. As a nationwide fuel supplier, it’s important that our depots are strategically placed across the UK to facilitate each fuel delivery, no matter where you need the fuel supplied.

Whether you’re fuelling a business or home, Nationwide Fuels has the experience and capacity to accommodate your fuel order. From a 205-litre barrel to an articulated oil tanker making deliveries of up to 36,000-litres upwards, you can be assured of excellent customer service from a reputable UK fuel supplier.

Which Fuels do We Supply Nationwide?

At Nationwide Fuels, we supply thousands of litres of our wide range of fuels and lubricants nationside to our commercial customers by our large fleet of oil tankers, including:

  • Red Diesel
  • HVO Fuel
  • Bulk Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Industrial Heating Oil
  • Industrial Lubricants
  • & more

Our drivers are fully qualified and each have years of experience with fuel deliveries, so you can rest assured that we’ll meet your expectations with every fuel delivery.

Fuel suppliers like us are hard to find and we’re nationwide specialists in emergency fuel deliveries. Our fuel supply management service can help you save time, money and headaches by reducing the possibility of a disrupting run out of fuel. The UK thrives on our daily fuel supply and this means punctual and timely fuel deliveries are essential for many businesses operating on a day to day basis.

No matter whether you require an urgent fuel delivery of red diesel, road diesel or any of our other fuels, oils or lubricants in a dash, call us today and save some cash!

UK Leading Fuel Suppliers

With a wide variety of quality fuels comes a wider range of delivery options and areas covered. As a Nationwide supplier of fuels, we will do our utmost to supply the fuels you need, when you need them. We currently supply fuel and lubricants to commercial and domestic users in England.

All of our deliveries are carbon offset, which means we offset the carbon emissions which are produced when distributing fuels. This allows us to invest in projects around the world which neutralises our carbon footprint. This is not a cost which is passed on to you (the customer), it’s covered fully by Nationwide Fuels.

Choosing us as your fuel supplier means that you’re helping reduce the overall carbon emissions of the UK’s businesses combined.

Red Diesel Fuel Supplier

Whether you require an emergency or a standard red diesel delivery, there are no limitations to the quantity you can order. Red diesel is also known as gas oil and tractor diesel and has restrictions on its usage. If you’re unsure about its use, you can call us for details or find out more about it on our red diesel page.

Diesel Fuel Supplier

Diesel fuel is used throughout the nation on a daily basis by the industrial and commercial sector for their fleet of vehicles.

Nationwide Fuels is a trusted bulk diesel fuel supplier which has been distributing fuels for over 60 years.

Suppliers of Biofuel

Biofuels have increased in popularity with advanced blends and higher-quality fuels being created all the time. If your business is interested in HVO fuel but would like to speak to a professional who can help you further, call us today on 0330 678 0880.

Flexible Delivery Options

With every delivery of fuel that we make, we realise that each customer has their own unique requirements for delivery, just like they do with their fuels. As a UK-wide fuel distributor, we believe that we need to not only make our fuels accessible to all but also bend over backwards to ensure fuels and lubricants are available when they’re needed, even if it’s urgently required at 3am.

For that reason, we are an emergency fuel supplier with a service which can see you back up and running within hours. As well as our same day delivery service, we also have a next day delivery service and more delivery options like our standard delivery if you’re not in a rush.

Occasionally, we come across premises which are difficult to access with our large fuel tankers. If this sounds similar to your area, please let us know and we’ll arrange for a smaller fuel tanker to supply your fuel oil. It reduces obstructions and potential damage to the local area. For larger orders, we’ll use one of our articulated tankers to supply the fuel so please inform us if you can help.

Ordering Your Fuel is Quick and Easy

We have several convenient options to contact us to buy fuels and lubricants:

  • Call us – Call 0330 678 0880 and one of our experienced sales staff will help you order your fuel or answer any questions you have
  • Get a free fuel quote – Simply fill out the quote form on this page with your name, fuel type and quantity, and we’ll give you an instant fuel quote!
  • Drop us an email – Why not send us an email with your query and we’ll respond to you via email. Please give us as many details to contact you back should you need a callback or a letter sent
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Nationwide Fuel Delivery Services

As well as supplying fuels and lubricants, Nationwide Fuels offers a range of useful fuel services to help you:

  • Manage your fuel supply with our Fuel Management Services
  • Receive priority treatment on fuel deliveries with our Contract Retention Services
  • Carefully remove, recycle or transfer your fuel with our Fuel Uplifts
  • Find a trusted Green Fuel Supplier

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