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Gas Oil Class D Specifications

Nationwide Fuels supplies gas oil (red diesel) that meets Class D specifications. Learn more about our gas oil below and call 0330 678 0880 for a delivery of gas oil that meets this specification.

Read the specifications of Class D Gas Oil

Gas oil (red diesel) is used around the UK for a myriad of reasons, and depending on the application, you’ll need the appropriate grade of fuel that is suited to your needs. For businesses that require Class D Gas Oil, Nationwide Fuels can supply red diesel meeting this specification.

Class D Gas Oil is a 1000 ppm (parts per million) sulphur content gas oil. Therefore, this grade of gas oil is most widely used for mainly used for heat generation but also for older static engines for power generation.

So before you order your gas oil, it’s important that you ensure that your fuel supplier can supply you with the correct grade of fuel for your needs.

Nationwide Fuels also supplies Gas Oils that meet Class D, Class A2 or EN590, providing the highest quality gas oil for each specific application.

You can learn more about gas oil in our Guide to Gas Oil.

Class D Gas Oil specification table explained

The table below shows the characteristics that Class D Gas Oil must meet, so if you’re using gas oil for agriculture, off road vehicles or heating, you’ll get the most out of your fuel by ensuring you use a supplier that can provide Class D red diesel.

There are minimum and maximum values which the fuel must meet in order to be classed as D grade gas oil. The typical column lists values for these parameters, all of which lie within the specification limits and which can be expected for deliveries of this grade of fuel.

These parameters include density at 15°C (typically at this temperature it will have a density of 0.86kg/m3 with a minimum of 0.82kg/m3 required), a typical 0.1% carbon residue value (where the maximum permitted for this grade is 0.3%). The table also shows that the minimum flashpoint (the lowest temperature at which the fuel produces vapour that is an ignitable mixture in air near the surface of the liquid) is 56°C, while typically you can expect A2 Class gas oil to have a flashpoint of more than 62°C.

Other important parameters that this grade of gas oil needs to meet are the cold filter plugging point in winter and summer (the highest temperature at which point the oil will start to gel and cause filter blocking issues). Class A2 gas oil needs to stay fully mobile down to a maximum of -4°C (the typical plugging point is -8°C in summer) and -12°C in winter (typically A2 gas oil maintains full fluidity until -14°C).

AppearanceClear & bright, Cherry Red,
Free from visible sediment.
Density at 15°Ckg/m³0.8200.860
Kinematic viscosity at 40°Cmm²/s1.55.53.0
Carbon residue
(Ramsbottom on 10% residue)
% (m/m)0.300.10
Distillation recovery at 250°C% (v/v)6542
Distillation recovery at 350C% (v/v)8592
Flash point (PMCC)°C56>62
Water contentmg/kg200<100
Particulate contentmg/kg24<10
Ash content% (m/m)0.01<0.01
Sulphur content% (m/m)0.10<0.098
Copper corrosion
(3 hrs at 50°C)
Cold filter plugging point(1) Summer°C-4-8
Cold filter plugging point(1) Winter°C-12-14
Cetane number4548
Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME)% (v/v)7.0<0.1
Carbon% (m/m)87
Hydrogen% (m/m)12.75
Nitrogen% (m/m)0.01 – 0.05
Gross specific energy (MJ/kg)MJ/kg45.4
Gross specific energy (MJ/litre)MJ/litre38.8
Mean specific heat capacity over 0 – 100°CKJ/kg °C2.05
Volume correction factorper °C0.00081
Strong acid numbermg KOH/gnilnil
Lubricity (HFRR)µm460<460
Oxidation stability 0.0 – 7.0% FAMEg/m³25
Oxidation stability 2.0 – 7.0% FAMEh20

This specification is not a guarantee. We reserve the right to alter the specifications without any notice.

Download the PDF here:

Gas Oil Class D Spec Sheet

If you need any further clarifications about our D Grade gas oil, or you would like to request a delivery of gas oil, call Nationwide Fuels today on 0330 678 0880.

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