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Tank Lining Service

Restore your fuel tank back to compliant standards with our tank lining service. Call 0333 004 0385 today to grab a quote today!

What is tank lining?

Tank lining is a remedial service designed to prolong the life of your fuel storage by installing an additional layer within the tank to prevent any leaks or spillage. It’s often referred to as a double wall system and involves using fibreglass and resins to create a strong layer that restores your fuel tank to like-new.

What happens if my fuel tanks are not compliant?

You have a legal duty to protect your site and local environment from harm and fuel pollution. Tanks that are not compliant put the environment, the public and your employees’ health at risk. In the event of a leak or spillage, the Environment Agency impose large fines to businesses who do not take appropriate measures to protect their local environment. This can be easily avoided by undertaking regular tank checks and by acting early to prevent a leak or spill.

If you notice tank damage or corrosion, call our team on 0333 004 0385 and we’ll be able to recommend the next steps to protect your fuel storage.

Why choose a double wall tank system?

The main reason that someone may opt for a double wall tank system is because it avoids the need for a full tank replacement, making it a cost-effective and convenient solution.

The benefits of a double wall tank system

When you choose Nationwide Fuels for your double wall system, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No need for permits or building works – we can install a layer directly into your tank
  • 15-year warranty via Rafibra
  • Produced in accordance with UN 53935 and UNE 62422 standards
  • We can install a leak detection system within the double wall
  • Can be installed in any type of new/old, above/underground fuel tank
  • Prevents subsoil contamination in the event of a leak or defect

To learn more about the benefits of tank lining, call 0333 004 0385 to speak to one of our tank experts today.

How much does tank lining cost?

There is no one price fits all when it comes to tank lining due to the fact that tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Tank lining is however, far cheaper than a full tank replacement and much more convenient as it’s carried out with greater ease.

Let us know your requirements by calling 0333 004 0385 today and we’ll provide a fast and highly competitive quote.

What does the tank lining process involve?

Our engineers will carry out a full site survey and tank inspection to ensure full safety before proceeding. We’ll then uplift your fuel and clean your tank before installing the additional layers. Unlike other providers, we can bring a temporary fuel station to your site whilst we install the tank lining, meaning you’ll still have access to your fuel ensuring your operations are not affected.

What tanks can tank lining be installed in?

Tank lining can be applied to any above/underground, old or new, steel or plastic tanks. Our environmentally-friendly resin and tissues stick to any surface and can restore your tank’s mechanical and chemical resistance to comply with UNE 53991.

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