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Priority Fuel Contracts

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Guaranteed Fuel Delivered Across the UK

A priority fuel contract is an important facility which is offered to all of our business customers. In the event of an emergency, for a low-cost, fixed facility fee, Nationwide Fuels will become your reliable fuel management partner to guarantee a fuel delivery to any arranged location.

Please note: our contract retention service is available for industrial and commercial customers only.

Could Your Business Cope if You Ran Out of Fuel?

Whatever the day, time or location, we will deliver your fuel directly to your site within a pre-agreed timeframe on any day of the year. This is stated in the retention agreement.

At Nationwide Fuels, we’re committed to providing fast, quality fuel solutions that meet all European environmental standards. Our contract retention service is invaluable if you need a continuous and dependable supply of fuel to maintain smooth-running operations in the event of power loss.

For a low-cost, fixed yearly fee, we will ensure your fuel supply is with you within a pre-agreed timeframe from the second you pick up the phone and call our contract retention team. Organisations in all industries utilise the service, including hospitals, data centres, goods factories, universities and government buildings.

All of our staff are 100% fuel specialists who are committed to incredible service, guaranteeing your fuel delivery in accordance to the retention agreement. We encourage all new customers to take advantage of this service. For businesses who can’t afford to run out of fuel, for just a small additional cost, you can safeguard your operations and avoid total disaster.

Why Choose Our Contract Retention Service?

  • Guaranteed fuel delivery in an emergency
  • Reduced risk of business downtime
  • 24/7 emergency fuel deliveries, 365 days a year
  • Nationwide deliveries, wherever you’re located
  • Full technical service, improved level of service
  • One point of contact, no more call centres

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