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Need help removing old fuels or oils? We can uplift them safely and efficiently. Call us today on 0333 004 0385. (min quantity 1,000 litres)

Get Your Old Fuels and Oils Uplifted and Removed Safely

Do you have old and unwanted fuels and oils stored on your land? There are strict rules and regulations you need to adhere to store fuels and oils on your land which can cause additional expense and issues, especially if you no longer need or require those stored fuels and oils. In addition, the vast majority of fuels and oils have a short shelf life before they begin to run into problems if not properly looked after.

Problems such as diesel bug could prevent you from using your stored fuels if you want to prevent risk to the machinery you’re operating with your stored fuels. So, if they’ve been stored unused for any length of time, you may need to find a company to assist you with a fuel cleaning service to be on the safe side, especially if you intend to sell on your fuels to other companies.

However, here at Nationwide Fuels, we specialise in assisting businesses with the uplift and removal of their old fuels and oils, no matter what condition they’re in. We could even pay you for your old fuels and oils without the need or expense to use any fuel polishing methods to improve the quality of your fuel first, saving you any additional expense.

If you’re closing down or you’re moving sites and there’s leftover fuel, call Nationwide Fuels on 0333 004 0385 as we may be able to turn your old fuels and oils into cash. We can provide a tank clear out and remove any surplus oil safely and securely. Not only can this give you extra revenue but it will also take it off your hands, helping to protect the environment too.

Please note: we only uplift a minimum of 1,000 litres of business waste oil. We do not collect waste cooking oil.

Fuel uplift site surveys

Before we can provide a quote, we will need to visit your site to inspect the fuel storage and relevant site conditions. We will also sample the waste fuel for testing and analysis. We will always aim to recycle all fuels and oils back into the marketplace where possible, which involves polishing (cleaning) it and removing any contaminants.

Contaminated fuel which has been deemed unsuitable for putting back into the marketplace will be treated as waste oil and cannot be reused. If this is the case, we can still collect and dispose of it for you.

We can also provide a quote for the safe removal of diesel storage tanks as well as the supply of new storage tanks and other ancillary products. Call our expert team today on 0333 004 0385 to learn more.

Fuel swap service

If your fuel has degraded in quality and cannot be polished for re-use, we can come to your site, uplift the fuel to take it away, clean your storage tank and deliver a clean supply of fuel directly to your tank.

If you’re interested in replacing your old or degraded fuels, speak to one of our fuel experts today on 0333 004 0385 about your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why choose Nationwide Fuels to uplift your old fuels & oils?

  • One point of contact & account management
  • National coverage, fuel uplifts in a hurry
  • Reusable waste oils, extra revenue in your pocket
  • Unwanted fuels taken off your hands, no more hassle

Environmentally-responsible uplift

When fuels and oils are left in storage, over time, contaminants like water and microbes accumulate, degrading the quality of the storage tank and its contents. To increase the likelihood of receiving a pay-out for the fuel uplift and to avoid an environmental hazard, it’s advised to avoid having your waste fuels sitting in a tank for extended periods of time.

Green fuel uplifts

At Nationwide Fuels, all of our fuel tankers’ delivery miles are carbon offset. This means that by choosing us for your fuel uplift will be an environmentally-friendly decision. We invest in projects aimed at reducing the amount of CO2 in the world’s atmosphere to promote a greener future.

Request a site survey and quote

If you’d like to discuss your own situation with our fuel experts and have our team visit you on-site to evaluate the current state of your fuels and oils. Call us today on 0333 004 0385 to see how we can help you to safely and efficiently remove your old and unwanted fuels and oils.

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