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Red diesel is a robust fuel which can be used in a variety of applications. It is widely known as gas oil, and it is commonly used in the commercial, construction, industrial and agricultural sectors. Nationwide Fuels are an established fuel & lubricants supplier in the UK and you can be assured of receiving nothing less than the best quality red diesel, at the lowest prices.

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Red Diesel vs White Diesel

red dieselIn comparison to regular white diesel, the tax charged on red diesel is much less; therefore red diesel can only be used to fuel off-road vehicles and machinery; diggers, tractors, crane towers and in some cases, industrial heating systems.

To prevent people from using red diesel in their cars or any other illegal applications, red diesel has a dye in it to make it easy to identify for the authorities who suspect illegal use. They use dip testing as a method to uncover criminals who are buying red diesel and using it illegally. Those found to be using red diesel illegally are usually hit with huge fines and could even find their vehicle being detained.

Who Are Nationwide Fuels

Nationwide Fuels are a UK based supplier of fuels and lubricants. We specialise in the supply of high-quality red diesel to any site in the UK. We are also experts in the delivery of red diesel to multi-site networks across the UK.

As fuel suppliers to some of the country’s largest and most demanding users, we are available 24-hours per day, 365 days a year; therefore you will never be without red diesel as a customer of Nationwide Fuels.

Why Choose Nationwide Fuels

At Nationwide Fuels, the following benefits are all just a part of our unbeatable service:

  •         Improved efficiency
  •         Faster red diesel deliveries
  •         24/7 Service
  •         Reduced time-scales
  •         Improved service levels
  •         Full technical support
  •         Helpful, knowledgeable & friendly account managers
  •         Flexible credit terms
  •         “Peace of mind” – 92.3% of orders delivered within 24 hours!

Fuel Flexibility – Tailor-made fuel supply agreements specifically designed for your company’s gas oil needs. You can contact us anytime and speak with an experienced member of our team. They will discuss your fuel requirements and the cost and get everything set up for you.

Fuel Management Service – With our FREE fuel management service we guarantee that you will never run out of red diesel again.

Competitive Market

With red diesel prices being so competitive, now is a fantastic time to buy your red diesel in bulk quantities. If you have the storage capacity to store a bulk quantity, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of our low fuel prices. To find out more about gas oil, visit out FAQs page.

You can purchase red diesel in bulk from 500-litres right through to 36,000-litre tankers, as well as our 205-litre barrels.

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Thinking of Going Green?

You can now make a difference when you purchase Carbon Offset Red Diesel (CORD) from Nationwide Fuels. This new greener diesel will help offset the carbon dioxide emissions in the air released through your diesel engine’s consumption. If you have any questions about Nationwide Fuel’s commitment to the environment and out carbon offset red diesel, you can call us today.