Kerosene Suppliers

At Nationwide Fuels, Kerosene is one of our most popular fuel products. Kerosene oil, also known as heating oil and kero, acts as a clean-burning oil and an efficient heating oil for commercial premises and domestic dwellings. It’s a particularly interesting oil which was once used as a fuel for light in oil lamps but has since become much more popular as a fuel for heating.

As a nationwide kerosene distributor Nationwide Fuels has the capability to supply kero in quantities ranging from 205 litres to 36,000+ litres.

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Buy kerosene today and choose a delivery on the same day or next day with our emergency delivery options. Our fuel distribution is nationwide, just like our name, and our kerosene prices are usually the lowest in the UK.

We have depots located throughout the UK for rapid deliveries, and if you aren’t in a rush for your kero, Nationwide Fuels will organise a suitable day for your delivery.

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Kerosene Prices

With the recent drop in oil prices, now is the time to buy your kerosene to make sure you aren’t paying too much. Kerosene prices are much lower when you buy in bulk, however, at Nationwide Fuels, we believe in offering the best price to all of our customers all year round. Lots of companies try to lure potential customers into their websites with low prices and hit them with hidden costs afterwards, which hike up overall prices but, because of our strategic locations for our oil depots we can deliver kero to you while keeping the cost of kerosene to an absolute minimum.

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Kerosene Uses

What is it used for?

Kerosene oil is used primarily for heating nowadays but, it used to be a well-known oil-lamp fuel used for lighting. It’s cheap in price and reliable in duty which makes it perfect for heating large commercial premises but, other uses include cleaning agents, pesticides and in some cases it’s included in eye medicine.

Buying Kerosene In Bulk

If you require a large order of kerosene and would like to buy a bulk quantity from us, speak with our team today. They will advise you on price, delivery and quantities which we can accommodate. For regular purchases, we can help with our free fuel management service which means:

  • Priority Orders of Kero
  • Never Run-Out Of Kerosene
  • No More Checking Oil Levels
  • 100% Free Service
  • 24/7 Support from Professionals

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