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A wide range of agricultural lubricants to keep your operations running smoothly. Call 0330 678 0880 today.

At Nationwide Fuels, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of agricultural lubricants and fuels. Our substantial range of lubrication products including mineral oil and synthetic-based lubricants is one of the best in the country and with a delivery service to any required location in the UK.

We blend and supply a huge variety of quality oils to ensure we can deliver the agricultural lubricants and greases you need on the same or next day.

If you’d like to learn more or want to discuss your own agricultural lubricants requirements, call us today on 0330 678 0880 to speak with one of our lubricants experts. We supply many different traditional, agricultural lubricants from our popular agricultural range. We can also blend and provide lubricants and grease to a variety of other business sectors, including:

Industrial lubricants we supply:

  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Food manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Transport
  • Marine
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Buy agricultural lubricants today

Nationwide Fuels offer a range of advanced formulations for extended life between oil changes.

The range of agricultural Lubricants that we offer here at Nationwide Fuels is quite extensive. For more information on the agricultural lubricants that we provide, please see below:

  • Super Universal Tractor Oils (SUTO) – Lubrication is important in agriculture, that’s why we supply a range of oils in all viscosities to cover all aspects of tractor lubrication.
  • Engine Oils – Tractor engines are subject to rigorous use. We have a range of dedicated crankcase lubricants to cope with this demand.
  • Universal Transmission Oils (UTTO) – Wet brake, gear and hydraulic oils for universal heavy-duty usage.
  • Hydraulic Oils – Supplied in a variety of viscosities, our hydraulic fluids are biodegradable and mineral.
  • Gear & Transmission Oils – If you have heavy-duty agricultural applications, we have many different gear fluids and transmissions available.
  • Milking Machine Oils – Hydraulic type and vacuum pump milking machines use this type of lubricant.
  • Chainsaw Oils – Like the hydraulic oils, the chainsaw oils are available in a variety of different viscosities, and we supply a number of different biodegradable and mineral lubricants. These are high-quality oils which are all suitable for cutter bars and chainsaws.

Biodegradable agricultural lubricants

A number of our agricultural lubricants are biodegradable and come with state of the art additive technology. Some have been derived from vegetables and synthetic base oils. We only use the highest quality ingredients when we manufacture our biodegradable lubricants. These lubricants are perfect to use in environments with sensitive surroundings which could easily be contaminated or applications that need to use environmentally friendly products.

Biodegradable range of oils available

  • Biodegradable Engine Oil
  • Biodegradable 2-Stroke Oil
  • Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils
  • Biodegradable Gear Oils
  • Biodegradable Chainsaw Oils

Nationwide Fuels offer a number of solutions for even the most demanding of lubrication issues for the agriculture industry. It’s within this industry that a lot of you face the most difficult of working conditions which is why our lubricants are designed for general use and are also made to be able to withstand some of the most severe working conditions.

To learn more and to discuss your requirements, call us today on 0330 678 0880 to speak with one of our agricultural lubricants experts.

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