Green Diesel: Carbon Offsetting For Red Diesel

At Nationwide Fuels, we understand that fossil fuel emissions have a significant influence on global warming and climate change.

As a fuel, oil and lubricant distributor, we feel the need to offer our customers a “greener” fuel alternative. Therefore, we have introduced a new product: green diesel. To order carbon offset red diesel (CORD fuel) today and do your bit for the environment, call us on 0845 0303 111.


The idea is simple: for a small additional cost, you can purchase carbon offset red diesel (green diesel). CORD fuel is standard red diesel but is entirely carbon offset.

That means the extra cost of the fuel is paid to a carbon offset provider. They invest that money into projects that help absorb the carbon dioxide emissions released through your red diesel consumption. Nationwide Fuels makes no profit whatsoever on the carbon offsetting part of red diesel.

Here at Nationwide Fuels, we have already taken a bold step towards reducing our environmental impact. All of our road tankers have carbon-neutral delivery miles at no extra cost to you. Therefore, the emissions produced by our fleet of tankers are carbon offset with CORD fuel. In other words, fuel consumption is carbon offset on all of our deliveries.

We encourage our customers to purchase carbon offset red diesel. The extra cost involved is minimal but the benefit of using it is significant. By purchasing carbon offset red diesel from Nationwide Fuels, you are contributing towards a cleaner and safer world for everyone.

Green Diesel - Nationwide Fuels carbon offset dieselIf you want to buy red diesel but you’re concerned about the effect on the environment, then buying our Carbon Offset or ‘green’ red diesel will give you peace of mind in knowing that while you’re getting what you need, you’re also doing your bit to preserve our environment.

You can call us today on 0845 0303 111 and speak with one of our team who will give you a competitive quote for CORD fuel.