Carbon Clean Kerosene Suppliers

Carbon Clean KeroseneCarbon Clean Kerosene is an oil developed by Nationwide Fuels that will help make your boiler more efficient. Not only can it help your boiler run on less fuel for longer, but it can also help protect the environment at the same time.

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How Does Carbon Clean Kerosene Work?

When normal kerosene is used in a boiler, it can leave oxidant deposits behind. These deposits build up over time, which makes it more difficult for the energy to pass through the boiler. As a result, the boiler needs to burn more fuel in order to reach desired temperatures.

Carbon Clean Kerosene contains anti-oxidants, which means it can help keep your boiler clean. Not only will this help your boiler last longer, but it will also help you avoid an increase in fuel consumption over time.

How Does Carbon Clean Kerosene Lower My Carbon Footprint?

  • Our Carbon Clean Kerosene can help you avoid block filters and piping in your boiler so then it can remain in full working order for longer.
  • Because it reduces problems with filters and piping, it lowers the amount of oil you need to use to heat your home or place of business.

What Are the Other Benefits?

  • No more kerosene odour.
  • Your boiler will last longer and with reduced risk of problems.
  • Lowers the amount of sludge that can gather in your heating system.
  • Increased burner performance.
  • Completely safe to use.
  • Available at competitive prices.
  • Can be delivered within 48 hours of your order, regardless of where you are based in the UK.
  • Available for emergency 24/7 delivery.

Doing your bit to help the environment has never been this easy! To arrange a delivery for Carbon Clean Kerosene, give us a call on 0845 0303 111 or fill in the quote form and we will process your order today!