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Nationwide Fuels has distributed bunker fuel, also knows as gas oil, throughout the UK for over 60 years. Our experience in marine diesel and commercial gas oil supplies defines us as one of the leading bunker fuel suppliers in the UK.

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What is bunker fuel / marine gas oil?

Bunker fuel is a robust type of fuel oil which is used to powerboats, ships and other marine vessels with diesel engines. It’s known widely as gas oil, marine gas oil and marine diesel, but it’s also called bunker diesel, marine fuel oil and fuel oils.

The term ‘bunker’ is commonly coupled with gas oil and diesel fuel because it is the name of the ship’s fuel storage area (also known as a fuel tank). Bunkers were also used for storing coal before ships ran on diesel and relied on steam power. On a marina, port or harbour, you’ll also find diesel storage areas called bunkers too.

Marine gas oil prices

Commercial gas oil is inexpensive and it is usually purchased in bulk quantities commonly exceeding 1,000 litres. Depending on where you buy gas oil from, a large bulk order could potentially cost even less in price.

As a bunker fuel supplier, Nationwide Fuels pride ourselves on competitive gas oil prices and we’re that confident in our pricing, we even challenge you to fill in our online gas oil quote form or call our team on 0330 678 0880 for the latest prices.

Nationwide marine gas oil suppliers

At Nationwide Fuels, we really are a nationwide supplier of marine gas oil throughout the UK. With our strategically-placed fuel depots around the UK, there isn’t a port where we can’t deliver bunker fuels. We have huge stocks of marine diesel fuel waiting to be distributed to you and our delivery options are designed to meet your needs.

Whether you need 1,000 litres of bunker fuel on the same day or 100,000 litres, Nationwide Fuels can have it with you when you need it. We offer priority contracts to ensure a VIP service whereby we’ll always meet your requirements and we have a fuel management service to ensure you never run out of diesel.

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Whether you know it as bunker fuel or marine gas oil, it has never been easier to place an order. Simply call our knowledgeable fuel specialists on 0330 678 0880 with your order quantity, delivery address and supply date and we’ll do the rest.

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