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We can supply you with a range of Fuel Products including; Red Diesel, HVO Fuel, White Diesel, Heating Oil and more...

The Highest Quality Fuels & Lubricants on Time, Every Time

As a specialist fuel and lubricant supplier across the UK, we deliver red diesel, bulk diesel, HVO fuel, lubricants and more, on time and every time. Our friendly service, quality fuel products and nationwide coverage set us apart from our competitors. You can find out more about our products by calling our fuel experts today on 0330 678 0880.

Our Fuel Products

Nationwide Fuels

Bulk White Diesel

Bulk diesel deliveries

We distribute bulk white diesel (DERV) throughout Britain to ensure fleets are fuelled 24/7. We will always aim to provide you with the most competitive diesel prices.

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HVO Fuel

Fossil-free diesel alternative

Our FAME-free diesel alternative is helping businesses reduce their harmful emissions by up to 90%. It’s available nationwide, 7 days a week, so get in touch today to go green.

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Industrial Heating Oil

Cost-effective fuel for your commercial boiler

We’re trusted by businesses across the UK to supply Industrial Heating Oil, or IHO, on a 24/7 basis. IHO is not to be used as fuel for a road vehicle, off-road vehicle, vessel or any other machinery that is not an excepted machine and is intended for heating purposes only.

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Carbon Offset Fuels

Helping to reduce your environmental impact

We deliver carbon offset fuels to counteract your CO2 emissions UK-wide. So wherever you’re based, you can start to reduce your environmental impact today.

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Heating oil delivered nationwide

As a nationwide kerosene distributor, we have the capability to supply kerosene ranging from 205-litre barrels up to large bulk quantities.

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Red Diesel

High-quality, off-road fuel

We supply red diesel (gas oil) across the UK, any time, 7 days a week. No matter where you’re based, we will always endeavour to offer you the cheapest red diesel price in the UK.

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Industrial Lubricants

Protect your costly machinery & engines

We offer a substantial range of lubricants and greases, including mineral oil based and synthetic lubricants, together with a delivery service to any required location in the UK.

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Hydraulic oils

Reliable hydraulic fluids for your machinery​

We supply a wide range of hydraulic oils to ensure the smooth-running of your machinery.

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Home Heating Oil

Your house is not a home unless it's warm and comfortable

At Nationwide Fuels, our ethos is simple: to supply domestic heating oil customers with the best quality products at low prices.

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Reduce your diesel engine's emissions

Whether you’re looking for a one off AdBlue delivery or a long-term reliable supplier for your business, we can help.

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Carbon Clean Kerosene

Reduce your environmental impact

An oil developed by Nationwide Fuels, Carbon Clean Kerosene will help improve your boiler’s efficiency and help protect the environment at the same time.

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Ancillary Products

Handle & store your fuels safely

We offer a wide variety of fuel ancillary products such as fuel pumps, spill kits, drip trays, mobile bowsers and grease puns.

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Fuel Storage Tanks

A wide range of fuel tanks & containers

We supply a range of plastic and steel bunded fuel storage tanks, designed to keep your fuels and oils safe and secure.

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