7 Things You Didn’t Know About Heating Oil

Litttle Known Heating Oil Facts

In this month’s TYDK feature we take a look at some heating oil facts. As with our other TYDK features, this article has been written as both an informative piece and a handy guide to heating oil. We’ve tried to make this interesting to those of you who love your facts!

Before we hit you with the facts, let us first give you a brief introduction to heating oil. What is heating oil, what is heating oil used for and how is heating oil produced?

TYDK about heating oil | Heating Oil Facts

What Is Heating Oil?

Heating oil is a fuel which is burnt in oil-fired boilers and furnaces. It’s similar to kerosene and is often used as an alternative. The only major difference is that it condenses at a higher temperature during production.

What Is Heating Oil Used For?

Heating oil is used for heating domestic properties and industrial premises.

The majority of domestic users live in areas which have no connection to national gas lines. Therefore, heating oil is used as a fuel for heating in their boilers.

Within industrial settings, heating oil is known as industrial heating oil (IHO). It is used to heat the large open spaces of factories and warehouses as well as schools and colleges.

How Is Heating Oil Produced?

Heating oil is produced from petroleum. Through a process of heating crude oil to high temperatures in a fractionating column, many fuels can be made. Heating oil condenses around 250 °C and 350 °C.

The Heat Is On!

How many people use heating oil in the UK?

Over 1.5 million homes in the UK rely on heating oil. Given an average of 4 people per home, it means that approximately 6 million people require heating oil for warm water and central heating.

Out With The Old, In With The New!

When was heating oil first used?

Heating oil has been used for decades. It’s reliability and low-cost have both contributed to the longevity of this fuel product. It was first used around 1900 but exact dates for its introduction aren’t readily available.

C-oil It Want You Want To Call It

Does heating oil have any other names?

Heating oil has several names that all mean the same thing. These names include:

  • Fuel Oil
  • Gas Oil
  • 28 Second Heating Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Paraffin

Oil-ternative Fuels

Can you use heating oil instead of gas oil?

Depending on your type of boiler, you may be able to use heating oil instead of your current fuel and save money. Or, if you’re ever unable to order one fuel then you may be able to order heating oil instead. This is because many of these fuels have very similar characteristics.

Are You Burning Money?

It can be cheaper than gas!

Gas prices have always been famous for being over-priced and rising when it’s least expected. Heating oil can also change in price, however, you’ll typically pay a reasonable price for it at any time of year. Depending on your area in the country and the size of your home or building, heating oil can work out cheaper than gas.

Mean Clean Heating Machine!

Industrial heating oil can clean systems

Some industrial heating oil is manufactured very well. Some of the higher-end industrial heating oil on the market contain a range of additives which can actually improve the performance of equipment and clean them.

Home heating oil can come in premium forms too! Premium kerosene which is used for heating burns cleaner than ordinary kerosene and also has no odour (or very little).

Heating Oil Is Cheaper In Summer

Buying heating oil when it’s warm can save you money!

Heating oil is a relatively cheap fuel to start with, but it can cost more in times of great need. These times are usually the colder months around winter and an emergency delivery can sometimes feel expensive with all the other costs which a family incur around this period. Saying that heating oil can be purchased in warmer months when demand is lower and the buyer can save a huge amount compared to those emergency situations.

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