6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses… Even in the Less Glamorous Industries!

As a business, you may have struggled to gauge the importance of using social media for your business, especially if you’re in one of the less “trendy” industries.

But don’t worry, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking this, as there are only around 70 million businesses globally using Facebook Pages according to Facebook’s own data.

Forbes boldly claims “to question the power of social media in society is to question the importance of sunlight on earth”.

With over 3 billion people using social networks worldwide, no matter what your industry, social platforms enable people from all over the globe to communicate in an instantaneous, inexpensive way.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three giants leading the way in providing not only beneficial information to the consumer but also valuable results for your business.

Take a look around. Virtually anyone and everyone is on social. Take the bus, the train, head to the shops and sit in the park and look around. Everyone is engrossed in their smartphone… scrolling, sharing, commenting, purchasing.

As social continues to grow at lightning pace, there is no better time to utilise the platforms to reap the benefits. Whatever industry you work in there are certain principals you can adopt to boost your social media presence. And if done properly, you will see firsthand the benefits.

Increase brand awareness

Social media is fast becoming the first choice to seek information, with Twitter claiming that people use the platform to “discover something new and interesting”. According to We Are Social, Facebook is the second most visited website in the world, with Google ranking first place. It is also the most searched query on Google, with YouTube in second running.

If you want to get your business out there, no matter what your business type, you need to be at the forefront of social. But don’t just promote salesy content, you are more likely to increase brand awareness and engagement by inspiring rather than promoting. Emotions can be powerful when it comes to social media marketing, so use messaging that the consumer can relate to.

Farming at one time was an isolated occupation and was perceived as being “left behind” when it came to social media but in fact, social platforms have enabled the community to come closer together. The forum AgriChat UK was set up in 2011 to enable farmers to discuss matters and issues amongst the industry on Twitter. There is now even a dedicated team who host weekly discussions and one-off specials for hot topics.

Even housing developers and real estates are utilising Instagram ‘stories’ to showcase their listings.

Go global

Social media reduces the distance and acts as a key component for any business. If your products are unique and your content relatable and relevant, your reach will go above and beyond in no time.

Run social media campaigns, because let’s face it, you can transform your business from nationwide to worldwide in no time. Likewise, liking, sharing and commenting makes your mark across the network and increases your online presence. What’s more, it enables you to promote your content and prove your expertise in the industry.

Running a viral social media campaign means you’re winning. If successful, sit back and watch the traffic to your site increase.

Build trust

In the digital world we now live in, social media is used as a forum to voice opinions and make queries. Responding in a prompt manner provides real-time customer service and allows you to cater to their every need.

Promoting your values and conversing with the public will help develop real relationships too. After all, the consumer likes a brand in which they can relate and reach out to. Through regular communication, your business becomes a trusted source and in time, your credibility as a business is increased.

Personalise your brand

Know your audience. The key to creating engaging content is adding personability and value to your posts. This will demonstrate that your brand is authentic and humanised and will allow the consumer to feel closer to your brand. A confusing or boring message rarely captivates. And in hindsight, most things in life boil down to value. People only pay attention to what they perceive as valuable.

Drive traffic to your website

As your social channels grow, your visibility in Google search is likely to improve too. And besides, Google prefers the traffic you get via them anyway.

Having a profile is like having a website. Include heavily searched keywords on your platform to help enhance rankings and improve visits.

Improve insights

The analytic section enables you to access information to reveal who is engaging and looking at your posts. You will then be able to judge the successfulness of your campaigns and see who your audience is.

Save money

Social media marketing allows your business to rapidly grow without sky-high costs and increases return on investment as most platforms are free. And if you opt for paid promotions, most are reasonably affordable anyway. With the consumer switching to online purchasing, social media gives you an organic and affordable means of reducing your advertising budget.

So there we have it, some great examples of what social media has to offer. No matter what industry you are in, it’s clear that investing time to create a digital presence will without a doubt have an impact on your business if done correctly. There are plenty of benefits to make it worthwhile and your competitors are most likely already on there anyway, so don’t let them beat you to it.

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