Nationwide Fuels

Nationwide Fuels is a true independent national fuel and lubricant supplier with over 65 years of experience. We have been delivering all types of fuels and lubricants everyday throughout the UK. 

 Our 5 top priorities are:
 1. Focus on Personal Service
 2. Competitive Prices
 3. Fuel Deliveries on time,
every time
 4. Highest Quality Products
 5. Flexibility

We supply all types of fuels and fuel related products, including red diesel, diesel, lubricants and tanks. We also supply a vast range of ancillary products.

Our aim is to meet the fuel and lubricant needs of all business sectors. We supply fuel to many industries including construction, commercial and the public sector.

For many of these business sectors, fuel can be a significant expense. We know that cost control is an essential part of managing any successful business. Nationwide Fuels is an oil distributor that can help you ease some of the issues you deal with. We offer you the most competitive prices and longest payment terms in the industry.

Red diesel suppliers

Nationwide Fuels is a reputable oil company guaranteeing to supply only the highest quality fuels and lubricants on time.

We can supply fuel oil, including red diesel and diesel, in any quantities. If you want to buy red diesel in bulk, we can supply as much as 36,000 litres or we can supply 205 litre barrels.

The top fuel oil products we offer include: red diesel, diesel, lubricants, fuel oil tanks and ancillary products:

-      Red Diesel also known as gas oil, is widely used in the commercial/construction, industrial and agricultural sector. It is used for heating, as well as in off road untaxed vehicles and machinery, such as diggers, tractors, etc.

-        Diesel known as derv, road diesel and white diesel; is used in all diesel powered engine vehicles, such as cars, vans and trucks.

-        Lubricants we supply and blend a whole range of lubricants, including mineral oil based and synthetic lubricants.

-        Tanks  & Ancillary Products we offer a full range of tanks. We also supply containers and dispensing equipment to help you keep within the legal boundaries on oil storage.

Please note we have the ability to supply any type of fuel if required, including:

- Kerosene

- Premium Grade Kerosene

- Odourless Kerosene

- Ultra Low Sulphur Gas Oil

- Biodiesel

- Bio Gas Oil

- AdBlue

- Heavy Fuel Oils

- Light Fuel Oils

Delivered same or next day, supplied in bulk or barrel, with Nationwide Fuels oil distributors you get a fast and reliable delivery service.

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CALL NOW on 0845 03 03 111 and one of our sale specialists will be happy to discuss your fuel requirements.

We aim to help businesses ease some of the issues they deal with. We offer a range of service solutions to make operations run more efficiently.

These services include:

-        24/7 Emergency Fuel Delivery  – you can always count on Nationwide Fuels. In emergencies, we can guarantee to deliver fuel within hours, any day, any time, to any location. Compared to other oil companies, our service is second to none.

-        Nationwide Deliveries – we operate from a network of supply locations  across the UK, with the capability to deliver fuel oil to even the most remote locations.

-        Fuel Management – with the newest technology system, we can manage and control your fuel consumption. This will ensure you never run out of fuel. This fuel management service is free of charge!

Working with many sectors, we understand that each business is unique and requires tailored products and services to suit their needs.

Nationwide Fuels are able to offer tailored National Supply Agreements to suit your specific fuel requirements. This includes fix contracted fuel prices, etc.

We believe flexibility is the key; therefore we are open to discuss any fuel oil related requirements.

Just give us a call on 0845 03 03 111 24hrs / 7 days.

Nationwide Fuels – the National fuel supplier and UK oil company – one of the best oil distributors in the UK.
Contract Retention is a facility offered to our customers, where for a fixed fee we guarantee to deliver you fuel in the event of an emergency. We can deliver any day or time.

We combine our national reach with deep local knowledge and exceptional customer service.

If you need fuel, lubricants, oil tanks or ancillary products, give us a call on 0845 03 03 111. Alternatively you can fill in the ‘request callback’ form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Nationwide Fuels is a fuel supplier, oil distributor and oil company delivering national fuel and lubricants throughout the UK.

Nationwide Fuels have been UK suppliers of red diesel for over 65 years. As specialist fuel suppliers, Nationwide Fuels can provide fuel 24 hours a day on our emergency delivery service. We can also give you the best red diesel price in Britain. So if you are looking for an industrial lubricant supplier for an overnight delivery or just a red diesel drum, call us today for the price of red diesel.