Fuel Uplift: Sell Fuel, Diesel, Kerosene & Heating Oil To Us

Nationwide Fuels can offer a range of services including; fuel uplift and purchase of surplus diesel fuels. Call us now to get more information: 08450 303 111

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Have you finished work on your site and there’s still some fuel left? This leftover fuel can be turned into cash when using Nationwide Fuels. We can provide a tank clear-out and remove any leftover oil safely and securely. Not only will this give you extra revenue but, you will be helping to protect the environment too.

Fuel Uplift - Nationwide Fuels

Whether you’re closing down or moving between construction sites, our fuel uplift service is perfect for you. Give us a call and we’ll quote on either a pump-out and transport only basis or if you’re looking to sell unwanted fuel to us, we’ll quote at the best market rates.

Call now on: 08450 303 111

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We can also quote for the safe removal of diesel storage tanks and related equipment, as well as the supply of new storage tanks, pumping equipment and ancillary products.

We may want to visit the site to inspect the fuel storage and relevant site conditions. We may also take a sample for testing and analysis. Contaminated fuel which has been deemed unsuitable for putting back into the marketplace should be treated as waste oil, for which we can arrange the collection and disposal of for you.

All of our fuel tankers’ mileage has been carbon offset. This means that using Nationwide Fuels for your fuel uplift will be much greener and environmentally friendly than a company with tankers using regular diesel. We also invest into projects aimed at reducing the amount of CO2 in the world’s atmosphere in order to promote a greener future.

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